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Introducing VENICEWEAR offering high quality athleisure wear. My name is Erin Marie Tulley and I started VENICEWEAR in 2016 based in Venice, California where we design and detail our apparel with a lot of passion while investing countless hours of personal energy to make our product unique to you. 

High performance apparel for women. VENICEWEAR was created as a brand of choice for those who want high-end and well fitted clothing with unique concepts and  detailed design.  

Not another major "yoga wear" corporation focused on more profits with overpriced products. VENICEWEAR is a 100% woman owned business that focuses on designing the best product for you. We also have a dog Prince Harry who leads our Security and Administrative assignments.

Active Living While Giving Mission. Beyond bringing a great product to market, we believe that athleisure clothing should be available to everyone in America.  So we made a promise that for every pair of Staple pants purchased VENICEWEAR will donate a pair of yoga pants to a young woman in need in the U.S. For more information check out our Pant-For-Pant Promise #P4PP page. 

Our signature product is high-end athleisure Staple pants that have a dedicated design to flatter the body from low-waist to ankle with unique patent pending design features while still maintaining comfort for your every day life!  These pants come in boot-cut and 3/4 lenght and are perfect for a low impact workout (e.g., yoga), jog or walk around town, going shopping, running errands, and even luxury enough to grab dinner and/or a drink at your favorite hot spot. 

We collaborate with local designers and artists in what we do. For example, our website was created by Melissa Rous at EvolvingGraphics. All photos were shot by John Cousert with JDCFoto.  As a founder of VENICEWEAR I am a strong believer and supporter of these talented  contributions. 

Featured in Fashion | Fitness by SD | October 2016

Active Living While Giving with VENICEWEAR