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Fashion | Fitness by SD Feature | October 2016


Testimonials | October 2016

We collected these testimonials on social media during our soft launch. If you would like to post your feedback, just comment on social media using handle #P4PP or #VENICEWEAR.


"I have not found a pair of pants that feel and look this good anywhere that I've been searching for years" --  Jennifer D., Los Angeles


"Amazing product backed by a powerful vision that directly benefits girls in need in America" -- Melissa A., New York


"It's so easy to run and do my daily workouts that the phone comfortably sits in the front pocket and securely closes with a concealed zipper" -- Laura S.,  Chicago


"Honestly, no hassle exchanges with unbeatable EnlivenMe fabric and some of the best product I've EVER worn.... just can't beat it!"  -- Monica J., Stamford


"Love the invisible double layer for that tight lift to make my booty look even better... and can't disagree with the compliments :)" -- Samantha G., Seattle


"Beyond yoga and workouts, I love wearing these pants when I go out with my girls, or even when I want to be comfortable on my airplane trips" -- Amanda H., Boston


"What a meaningful brand and what it represents with it's Pant for Pant Promise, and even offers quality sports bras and pants that are unmatched by overpriced brands!  LOVE my venicewear pants and sports bra" -- Jackie K., Indianapolis


"Wow, I can't believe the the removable and customizable charm idea, so cool!  I can't personalize my pants in a unique way everytime I wear them!"  -- Brittney C., Chicago


"LOVE Love love the clothing, I can wear my venicewear pants and sports bras during my long runs without any irritation, SUPER comfortable... Oh and the size didn't fit at first but they made my exchange soo easy!" --  Laura W., Dallas



Thank you for all the love,